Facts about Hepatitis, HPV
and HIV Co-infection

It could be you. HPV or Hepatitis infections are more common than we think.

For the purposes if this website, we'll talk about 3 Hepatitis conditions:

Hepatitis A, B, and C are caused by viruses, though each are different.

Hepatitis A can be a serious condition, but typically lasts 6 months or less and is preventable by vaccine. Hepatitis A appears as an acute condition, meaning it lasts 6 months or less.

Hepatitis A is transmitted by ingesting fecal matter, eating contaminated vegetables and fruits or sexual practices, for example, can be a method of transmission. Hepatitis A, however, is not long lasting or chronic, and generally does not cause long-term damage to the liver.

Coming back from Hepatitis C

HCV Negative: A Guide for Healthy living without Hepatitis C

Lucinda K. Porter, RN
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The ideal outcome for hepatitis C (HCV) treatment is to have a sustained viral response (SVR). This means that HCV is non-detectable in the blood for at least six months after the last treatment dose. Approximately 80% of those who complete treatment will have this best possible outcome – a life free of hepatitis C (HCV). If you are reading this, presumably you were told that your HCV viral load was non-detectable. Congratulations. This is wonderful news.

Although your body is virus-free, you may still have questions and concerns about HCV. You may wonder, does this mean you are cured? Are you in remission? Does this mean you cannot infect anyone else? Can hepatitis C come back? Does this mean you can drink alcohol? What happens next?

This guide addresses these and other common issues following a sustained viral response to treatment. Keep in mind that the study of HCV is still relatively new. Even less is known about what happens to those who have a sustained response to HCV treatment. We cannot provide concrete answers to all of your questions. We can pass along what we have learned from the experiences of others and ourselves. We hope it will provide a platform for you to build this next exciting stage of your life.

Lucinda K. Porter, RN is the author of Free from Hepatitis C and is a long-time contributor to the HCV Advocate.