The Veterans' Corner

Our website page for those who’ve served our country and have contracted the Hepatitis C Virus.

A National Institute of Health Study indicates that in Military-related exposures, the prevalence of hepatitis C in these subjects exceeds the estimate from the general US population by more than 2-fold, likely reflecting more exposure to traditional risk factors among these veterans.

In simple language United States Veterans are at least twice as likely to have contracted the Hepatitis C virus than those of us in the average population.

The Veteran's corner is a webpage devoted exclusively to helping the military veteran to
1) identify the infection,
2) accept the diagnosis,
3) get treatment for Hepatitis C infection.

Taking action could save your life!

New treatment shows promise for difficult Hepatitis C infection.

santaris pharma announces new Hepatitis C drug

Santaris drug shows efficacy against hepatitis C

By Bradley J. Fikes, 1:35 P.M. MARCH 29, 2013
full story:

A drug for hepatitis C virus from Santaris Pharma shows effectiveness in reducing the potentially deadly virus in people, according to new clinical trial results.

Called miravirsen, the drug reduced the virus by a factor of 100 to 1,000 in the Phase 2a trial, Santaris said. Study results were published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine here:.