Reality Check: A Hepatitis C Documentary

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Benjamin Beardwood writes:

“In the mid nineteen-eighties, I was diagnosed with non-A non-B hepatitis.
I made sure to watch my diet, alcohol intake , and exercise. A year later, after some tests, my doctor found my liver function tests to be normal, and my overall health to be completely normal. At that point I put the matter away in my mind and went on with my life.

In the early nineteen nineties after Hepatitis C virus had been identified (in (1989), I was diagnosed positive for Hepatitis C during a routine physical.

I was asymptomatic, meaning that my liver function tests were completely normal. And so I went on with my life. However, the virus and its potential life threatening effects were always in the back of my mind; a psychological distraction I did not need.
In 2004, I decided to undergo the available treatment which was a combination of injectible Interferon and Ribivirin pills.
The treatment was supervised and administered by Dr. William Katkov of John’s Hospital in Santa Monica.

There were many side effects both psychological and physical that made life quite difficult. I continued to work, however, and made it through the 24 weeks of therapy. It was successful because I had genotype 2, the easiest to treat and today I still test negative for the virus.

It was during this time that began work on the documentary project “Reality Check- The Hepatitis C Epidemic and created a website to help and inform others:”

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