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Published April 19, 2013 Reuters
Blood tests conducted on patients treated at an Oklahoma oral surgery practice that has been closed over health concerns show that 57 have hepatitis C, three have hepatitis B and as many as three have HIV, the virus than can lead to AIDS, officials said on Thursday.

By KRISTEN WYATT, Associated Press Wed Jan 19, 4:31 pm ET
DENVER Some Colorado lawmakers say their state should be the first one where people become organ donors by default, even though other states' efforts have been halted by worries about making such a personal decision automatic.

By Kelly Luker
There could be worse things than having a chronic, life-threatening, stigmatizing virus. No, really.
This is not the beginning of a tell-all memoir, but merely a bit of history that is relevant to a here-and-now situation that found its roots in that decade.

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I shared my Hepatitis C Story with you.

My name is Marty.

Having just gone through a year of the most advanced clinical and complimentary therapies, I have much to share.  PLAY MY C-STORY AT LEFT

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