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It could be you: with an at-risk lifestyle, or innocent exposure, Hepatitis can take hold.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford and living with Hepatitis C

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Unfortunately, those of us who have been diagnosed with hepatitis often don't initially know which kind of hepatitis our doctors are talking about. This is a common occurrence and typically happens because the doctors haven't gotten complete and thorough results from the bloodwork. *Here is a link to help with understanding blood testing for Hepatitis. Hepatitis literally means "inflammation of the liver" from the Greek "hepar," meaning liver, and "titis," meaning swelling or inflammation. So generally speaking, if you are diagnosed with hepatitis, it means your liver is swollen, inflamed, enlarged, irritated, or all of the above. Additionally, it may not be functioning to the best of its abilities, removing toxins, metabolizing food and medications, and distributing energy to your body.

Your Hepatitis"C-Story" can be shared on our My C-Story page, where others find value in comparing notes about how to live with, treat, and come back from Hepatitis and liver disease.
HIV has been an important and familiar health and social crisis for two decades. Less familiar, but also important, is HCV infection. These two viruses are similar in a number of ways, and infection with both is a serious problem. Both HCV and HIV are transmitted by exposure to infected blood. About one-quarter of the people infected with HIV also have HCV. CDC link:

We are currently seeking funding to produce “Reality Check: a Hepatitis C Documentary” project. On the Reality Check page, view pre-production clips focused on concepts related to liver disease and Hepatitis like Statistics, Treatment, and Transplants.

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